Kell Brook Recalls His Defeats To GGG And Spence – ‘Started To Doubt Myself’

Kell Brook, the former IBF Welterweight Champion, looked back on his defeats to Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr. as turning points in his career. 

After beating Shawn Porter, Brook struggled to get the big fights when he acquired the IBF belt. The Brit was not seen as a significant commercial draw, so he jumped up two weight classes to take on GGG. The weight difference was visible as Brook was stopped in the fifth round. The defeat was accompanied by a broken right eye socket. Brook would then drop down to 147 and get stopped by Spence in the 11th round and suffer an orbital fracture. Those two losses meant Brook was never the same fighter as he recalled questioning himself before the GGG fight.

“That was the first time that someone got in my head before a fight. I remember being in the hotel room thinking, ‘I’m fighting Golovkin…tonight.’ I honestly started to doubt myself. When he broke my eye, the surgeon said to me that one more big shot and I could’ve been blind and could’ve lost my eye, and that hit home big time. Those same feelings resurfaced when I boxed Errol Spence Jr,” Brook stated

But Brook did end his career on a high. He would stop his long-time rival Amir Khan to become the best British welterweight of his era. Although he has considered fights against Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr, Brook has not been able to get himself in the position to secure those bouts. 


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