Kenny Porter And Jaron Ennis Oppose A Spence-Crawford Rematch

Kenny Porter has warned Errol Spence Jr. against the idea of taking a rematch with Terence Crawford

Spence lost his WBA, WBC and IBF titles to Crawford, as the latter became the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era following a ninth-round stoppage.

The narrative heading into the fight was that Spence might prove too big and powerful for the smaller Crawford.

However, this was far from the case, as Crawford showed, by pushing Spence away in the clinch during the second round.

Although Spence has indicated his willingness to fight Crawford again before the end of the year at 154 by exercising his rematch clause, Porter has advised against it

“Me, personally, I wouldn’t want to see that, but if he decides to go for that and they make that at 154, I know he’s going to do better.

“He believes in himself, and he’s a warrior, and he believes he can beat Terence. That opportunity should be three for him if everything is in place in terms of his health. Definitely not this year. This year,  to me, is over with,” Porter

Much in the same way, Jaron Ennis was set against the idea of a rematch. Ennis is the current IBF interim welterweight champion, making him a mandatory for Crawford.

Therefore, a rematch would hinder Boots’ attempt at targeting the big names. However, in reality, Crawford has indicated his willingness to move up to 154, making a fight with Boots unlikely. 

And given that the Spence-Crawford fight was so uncompetitive, Ennis questioned whether it was worth running things back. 

“Bud did his thing. Spence was just off, flat. He wasn’t moving his head, was getting hit with a lot of shots. Bud did his thing. Spence was just off, slow, timing was bad. It ain’t no point. It was one-sided,” Ennis

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