Kenny Porter Unhappy With Son’s Preparation For Terence Crawford

Kenny Porter, who is Shawn’s father and head trainer, did not mince words while scrutinizing his son’s performance against WBO welterweight champion Terence on Saturday night.

Shawn Porter did not seem to be at his best against the WBO champ. He was dropped twice in the fight and let Crawford dominate him throughout the 10 rounds.

Kenny felt that Shawn had not trained sufficiently to fight for the title, but he did not take any credit away from Crawford either.

“Honestly? His preparation. He didn’t prepare like I wanted him to,” Kenny said to a loud boo from the crowd. “That just makes me say, ‘You know what? I don’t want him in that situation.’ He fought a great fighter.”

“The guy’s super sharp. And [Shawn is] at a deficit. It’s like fighting this guy blindfolded when you’re in a deficit like that. So I wasn’t going to let that happen to him.”

Porter’s team threw the towel inside the ring in the 10th round after they had seen enough beating of the No. 1 contender. Crawford never looked in trouble throughout the fight and maintained his composure to win the fight via TKO.

Shawn, 34, has retired from the sport after an illustrious career.

He amassed 31 wins and only four losses. Becoming a pro in 2008, Shawn went on to become a two-time welterweight world champion, having held the IBF title from 2013 to 2014 and the WBC title from 2018 to 2019.

“I was prepared to announce my retirement tonight, win lose or draw,” he said. “Even if it was a draw, we had a date, they were telling us we’d have to do it again, I was not going to do it again. I’m announcing my retirement right now.”

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