Kevin Casey Looks To Be A Complete Fighter

Kevin Casey was introduced to mixed martial arts by the Gracie family. Kevin Casey was on the Ultimate Fighter, when Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen were the coaches and at the peak of their powers. Kevin Casey’s father in law is the late Muhammad Ali. Tonight when he steps into the cage at Bellator 182, none of that matters. The only thing that matters for the California native is that his hard work pays off.

In two of his last three fights (one for Bellator and one for UFC), Casey walked away with not a win, not a loss, but a draw. The last one taking place on Bellator’s Madison Square Garden debut infuriated Casey, and he looks to get a win against Chris Honeycutt.

“I have to elevate my fight IQ.”

In my last fight, I had two knockdowns in the first round.. I achieved the 10-8 round. I exerted so much energy in the first round, so of course it will take you a bit of time to get it going in that second round…

He puts his loss not only on his cardio, but the referee for that fight against to Keith Barry, Blake Grice.

“We have the referee, who is basically an outside influence in the fight.. He felt the action wasn’t enough in that second round. So he stood me up, and he helped my opponent get the last few seconds of that second round to be explosive, so in a sense…”

This in Casey’s mind had people questioning whether or not he won that second round, claiming “sometimes we escape the reality of what’s really going on.”  Claiming that the reality of the situation was that Barry wasn’t skilled enough and that Grice helped Barry and in turn effected the decision.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen this time, Casey is looking to not only elevate his fight IQ, and be “smarter as a fighter,”  but also be prepared for a full fight and working on his cardio. In this camp Casey made a drastic change from a weight training based camp, to a purely cardio based camp. Casey believes that at 36 years old he is in the best shape of his career and has still not showcased his full potential as a fighter.

Casey also explains that in MMA unlike other combat sports,  with the myriad of disciplines, that most fighters do not reach their peak potential until their mid 30’s.

“We’re talking about a sports that has so many different aspects to it… it takes time to develop their skills equally.”

“Most fighters aren’t complete fighters,” says Casey of the field in Mixed Martial Arts.

“You have very few fighters who are complete and elite fighters, so it takes time to get to a certain skill set… That’s why most fighters mature a little bit later in MMA.”

“I feel at this point skill set wise, I am not weak in any area… I feel like I am not going into the cage… where I feel I’ve gotta take it easy.”

And as he makes his walk into the cage tonight against Honeycutt, he said that he will already be more than mentally prepared.

“When I’m making the walk to the cage I am already mentally prepared for the fight. Its the training camp where the doubts come into a fighters mind.”

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