Khabib: “Mayweather More Interesting Than Ferguson”

Khabib Nurmagomedov has made it clear, he wants to face Floyd Mayweather next, claiming it’s a more interesting fight than any other option on the table.

On Monday, the UFC lightweight champion spoke with members of the press in Moscow and confirmed that his main focus right now is snagging a fight with the undefeated boxer.

“Frankly, I think money-wise, and competition-wise, the bout against Mayweather would be much more interesting [than a UFC fight against Tony Ferguson],” Nurmagomedov said of which fight he’d rather take.

“It has always been very interesting … Two undefeated fighters? It would be very interesting to see who wins.”

While Nurmagomedov’s confidence is unflappable, the undefeated MMA fighter admits members of his own team feel he has no shot against Mayweather but claims that “motivates” him.

Even though Khabib and Mayweather want it to happen, UFC President Dana White insists it can only happen inside the Octagon, which is a non-starter for Mayweather. If that hurdle was to be cleared by either side, Nurmagomedov still has to await a final judgement from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his role in the brawl at UFC 229.

When asked about what happened, Nurmagomedov explained how he could have seriously hurt himself. “It just happened. And it was quite high. I could’ve easily have broken my leg. You never know how you are going to act in a certain situation. You have to control yourself.”

“I don’t take anything back. I did what I did. But if I were looking at this from a side, I can’t condone such behavior.”

Initial Report: TMZ

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