Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Former Coach Dislikes Youtube Sensation Mr. Beast

MMA coach Javier Mendez offered his unfiltered opinion on none other than the internet sensation, Mr. Beast.

Renowned for training UFC champions such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Daniel Cormier, Mendez’s opinions hold weight within the industry.

His statement about the massively popular YouTuber Mr. Beast, who boasts a staggering 163 million followers on his primary channel, may have come as a surprise.

But in expressing his candid thoughts, Mendez revealed that he isn’t particularly drawn to Mr. Beast’s content, despite acknowledging the vast number of subscribers the YouTuber has garnered.

His qualms lie in the frequent use of games and competitions where participants vie for extravagant incentives and prizes.

“You know I watched that guy Mr. Beast, and I can’t stay watching him. I know he has a lot of subscribers, but it’s like giving everything away and this and that, this and that, and I don’t know.

“I’m a fan of what he’s done, but I’m not a fan of their skits, you know,” Mendez

However, despite his personal preferences, Mendez did offer his respect for Mr. Beast’s remarkable achievements.

“I’m impressed by what he’s done; I think it’s amazing, but the content and everything they have is just, I don’t know, too kiddy show for me, I guess,” Mendez added

While Mendez’s critique may not align with the preferences of Mr. Beast’s target audience, it is undeniable that the YouTuber does have influence and success.

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