Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa Get Into Heated Confrontation At UFC Performance Institute

Khamzat ‘Borz’ Chimaev was in the UFC Performance Institute when he saw Brazilian middleweight and former title challenger Paulo Costa, who said that he wanted to fight with the Borz.

Chimaev, who is days away from his bout against Nate Diaz at UFC 279, took it personally and became aggressive. Costa did not did not back down, and these fighters began exchanging words.

Jake Shields, a former UFC championship contender was present. He explained what had happened.
“I was there this morning working out with Paulo Costa, going over some techniques and just drilling, and all of a sudden Khamzat starts yelling at us and cussing Paulo like, ‘Well, you want to fight?’” he said. “We look over, and it’s him and like 10 dudes.

Shields elaborates and says that Costa immediately confronts Chimaev and his entourage. He feared that Costa was about to get jumped.

“So we run over … and Khamzat keeps going, ‘Let’s fight now, let’s fight now,’ but as he’s saying that he’s walking down the stairs. It seemed like it was kind of … an act for the cameras more than anything.”

Shields felt that if Chimaev was really looking for a fight, he would’ve rushed in and started swinging, not yelling taunts from outside the ring.

“It seemed kind of a weak thing. I guess that’s why he was upset because Paulo called him a fake gangster, and that was a perfect example of him being a fake gangster.”

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