Khan vs. Vargas Round-by-Round Results

Former junior welterweight champion Amir Khan continues his comeback, returning to the ring on Sept. 8 to take on Samuel Vargas at Arena Birmingham in Birmingham, England.

Watch the official weigh-in for the fight here:

Khan knocked out Canadian boxer Phil Lo Greco in less than a minute in a catchweight contest back on April 21, Khan’s first fight in nearly two years. Khan stepped up from welterweight to middleweight to challenge then-WBC Champion Canelo Alvarez back in May 2016, getting knocked out in the sixth round. That knockout loss snapped a five-fight win streak for Khan.

This fight will be Khan’s first since 2015 when he scored a unanimous decision over Chris Algieri. With a win, Khan will look to either challenge one of boxing’s welterweight champions —  most particularly WBA “Regular” Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao — or compete in a long-awaited bout with British rival Kell Brook.

Vargas, meanwhile, will look to pull off a major upset and shake up the boxing scene. Vargas is unbeaten in his last five fights, with his last bout bring a draw against Mauro Maximiliano Godoy, retaining the WBA-NABA Welterweight Title in the process. Vargas has also competed against welterweight superstars in Errol Spence Jr. and Danny Garcia, getting TKO’d by them in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Amir Khan vs. Samuel Vargas:

Round 1: Both take to the center of the ring. Khan rocks Vargas right away with a right hand in the opening seconds. A couple of lefts from Khan before he gets admonished for holding. Khan showing great footwork. Vargas throws a right and Khan counters with a three-punch combo. Vargas tries to get inside and Khan holds. Strong left to the body from Khan. A couple of lefts from Khan. Left-hand combination from Khan. Vargas taunts and eats a left. Three-punch combo again from Khan, with all landing. Complete domination from Khan in this round.

Round 2: Vargas throws a right but then eats a wild flurry from Khan and gets dropped. Vargas gets up, but Khan attacks right away before the ref has to separate the two. Khan continues to fire like mad throughout the opening half of the round. Vargas still looks rocked. Vargas is bloodied up around the nose, and he’s now very tentative in his movements. Khan throws another combo. Vargas throws some shots, but Khan guards up and lands a right. And right before the bell sounds, Vargas lands a HARD overhand right out of nowhere and drops Khan. Fortunately, Khan gets up.

Round 3: Khan throwing several hooks, trying to regain his reach. Left from Vargas. Vargas throws a combination. Khan fires his own combination. Left from Khan, followed by another combination. Vargas throws punches and Khan backs away. Khan lands a shot to the head and knocks Vargas down again. Vargas gets up and complains he was hit in the back of the head, but the ref rules it a knockdown. Khan in control again, but Vargas trying to cut off the ring. Vargas lands a left to the body.

Round 4: Body shot by Khan, and Vargas complains (unsuccessfully) that it was low. The two have to get separated at the ropes. Khan still on his back foot a bit. Khan lands a few left hooks. Vargas working the left jab, and Khan throws a combination. The referee has to warn both men for clinching. Vargas gets tagged yet again and the two get into a slugfest with Vargas trying to answer back. Khan lands another left. Vargas goes after the body and Khan goes into retreat. Khan using his footwork, avoiding punches.

Round 5: Khan comes out trying to land the left hand again. Vargas works a combination to the body, while Khan looks to avoid the punches by showing good mobility. Khan fires a combination of his own. Left by Khan. Combination by Khan, putting on a lot of pressure and Vargas is rocked and on his back foot. Vargas’ back is to the ropes, but he manages to clinch up and avoid getting stopped. Khan lands another hard shot, rocking Vargas some more before Khan gets called for holding twice. Vargas may have a broken nose. Khan delivering more hard shots to the head but holds yet again. Khan lands a low blow that goes uncalled by the ref. Khan remains patient, and Vargas survives yet another round.

Round 6: Vargas throws a right that’s blocked. Khan goes to work on the body again. Left to the body by Khan. Khan rocking Vargas yet again with speedy hard punches. Vargas lands a couple of punches to the body after getting Khan in the corner, but Khan manages to block most of the shots. Khan lands a couple of shots to the body. Khan becomes patient yet again, slowly picking Vargas apart. Khan lands several strong body punches before going on his foot and avoiding anything Vargas throws.

Round 7: Each throws a couple of shots to open the round. The two exchange, firing away, and it looks like Vargas desperately wants to land another sudden and strong shot. Weak combination blocked off by Khan. Khan lands two to the body and another two upstairs. Vargas trying to answer back, but his punches aren’t as powerful as Khan’s. Jab to the body by Vargas. Pace has slowed in this fight. Left by Khan.

Round 8: Khan throws another combination, followed by two left hands. Right to the head by Vargas. Vargas trying to cut off the ring and work the body, but his punches simply aren’t effective enough. Vargas isn’t pressing the action as much anymore. Right hand by Vargas, followed by a couple of lefts from Khan. Khan counterpunches while backing up and lands a shot on the button. Khan throws a couple of left jabs to end the round.

Round 9: Vargas throws a small combination to start things off. Khan stays patient but throwing a few hard punches to the head. Right by Vargas. Left by Khan missed. Right missed by Khan but he lands a combination with left hooks. Vargas tries to land a combination of his own but gets clinched up by Khan yet again. Khan lands a hard left, and the ropes may have prevented Vargas from going down. Khan lands a combination and then slows down and focuses on footwork once more.

Round 10: Khan fires away right at the start of the 10th. Vargas gets Khan into a corner and tries to fire away, but Khan avoids most of the shots, and at this point, he appears to be toying with Vargas a bit. Khan working his feet again, making Vargas miss with his punch attempts. Vargas is trying to bring late fire, but Khan calmly making him miss until Khan is wobbled by a last-second shot from Vargas before the bell, getting caught with his hands down.

Round 11: Khan lands a right hand on Vargas. Khan is making Vargas chase him once again, but he’s dropping his hands still. The pace has slowed dramatically, and it seems Khan now just wants to cruise to a unanimous decision. Vargas throwing some shots to the body but is barely getting anything going. Yet, he may have won the round just from simply having more activity.

Round 12: Khan lands a couple of shots on the button in round 12 before throwing a flurry, trying to finish. An accidental headbutt while they clinched up. Vargas lands a right. Khan misses with the left. Khan scrambling on his back foot to avoid Vargas’ shots. Khan’s throwing punches while he’s moving but they’re not as strong. The round ends, and the fight goes out quietly and to the judges’ cards.

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