Khris Davis Stars As George Foreman In The New Biopic ‘Big George Foreman’-Here’s What We Know

The movie hits cinemas on Friday, 28th April 2023

George Foreman’s rise to the height of heavyweight boxing is one of the most impressive accounts in the annals of combat sports. 

His tale is now being brought to the big screen with the upcoming biopic movie, ‘Big George Foreman.’ With that being said, an official sneak peek of the upcoming movie has been released.

Khris Davis, a stage theatre, film, and television actor from the United States, is playing the role of the iconic boxing figure. Davis made his acting debut in 2015 when he had a part as an unnamed security guard in Unforgettable.

In addition to his roles in Big George Forman, Davis has also featured in Detroit as Bling Pig Patron (2017) and Judas and the Black Messiah as Steel (2021).

The film will cover all the high points of Foreman’s boxing career, from his Olympic gold medal win at the 1968 Mexico City Games to his time as world heavyweight champion.

It will also tell the story of how Foreman found his religious faith and became a preacher until his retirement was interrupted by financial difficulties that led him to return to the ring at age 45.

Despite his age, Foreman became the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history.


Full Cast

Forest Whitaker as Doc Broadus

Sullivan Jones as Muhammad Ali

Jasmine Mathews

John Magaro as Desmond

Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

Sonja Sohn

Shein Mompremier

Matthew Glave

Erica Tazel

Sam Trammell

Deion Smith as Roy Foreman

Al Sapienza as Gil Clancy

Jeffrey Klemmer as Michael Buffer

Carlos Takam as Joe Frazier

David Jite as Jimmy Young

Judd Lormand as Dr West

The movie is set to hit the big screens on Friday, 28th April 2023!

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