Kisenosato Hopes To Become Japan’s First Emperor’s Cup Winner Since 2006

Japanese contender Kisenosato defeated Bulgarian fighter Aoiyama and now has a share of the lead at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament.

It was a close fight, but after Kisenosato and Aoiyama traded blows, the Ozeki knocked out the top-ranked megashira with a two-handed shove.

Kisenosato is hoping to capitalize on the withdrawal of Hakuho and become the first Japanese-born Emperor’s Cup winner in almost a decade.

In other bouts, Kotoshogiku chased out Komusubi Okinoumi (1-3) for a third win, while fellow Ozeki Goeido improved to 2-2 after ringside judges correctly overturned the referee’s decision was awarded him victory in his bout against Ichinojo.

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Georgian komusubi Tochinoshin overpowered Myogiryu to level his mark at 2-2, ending his sekiwake opponent’s perfect start to the tournament in the process.

[Japan Times]

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