Kisenosato To Return For New Year Tournament

After a string of injuries, Kisenosato will return to action at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament this month.

The 32-year-old yokozuna told reporters last month that he’s yet to resume sparring, but is putting the “finishing touches” on his preparations for a New Year comeback.

“Of course I plan to (compete). I’m getting into good shape,” Kisenosato said. “I hope to take care of the finishing touches and be ready by opening day.

“This year was a really frustrating year. I desperately want to make the next basho a good one and next year a good one. Now’s it about regaining game instinct, getting back that level of sharpness and remembering my old form.”

Kisenosato joins Kakuryu and Hakuho in the makuuchi division rankings for the meet from January 13-27th at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The Japanese grand champion was forced to pull out of last month’s Kyushu Basho due to a right knee injury after becoming the first yokozuna in 87 years to have an 0-4 start to a tournament.

Initial Report: Japan Times

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