KOK 50 Recap: Dzavadov Dominates Way to Title

While Zaurs Dzavadov stole the show in the main event of KOK 50, which took place from Arena Riga in Riga, Latvia, defeating Sergei Morari to become the new Welterweight Champion of King of Kings Kickboxing.

Both fighters held back in the opening round, keeping the bout at a slow pace. Dzavadov did seem to be the more aggressive fighter though, firing off a number of flurries in the second half of the round. Early on in the second, Dzavadov delivered a punch so hard, the referee ruled a standing knockdown. As the round progressed, noticeable and severe bruising and swelling former around the right eye of Morari. Morari was rocked and nearly suffered another knockdown with about 30 seconds left in the round.

Then, Dzavadov finished things off in the third. A sudden and hard left hook took everyone in the arena by surprise, knocking down the champion. And while Morari got up from the shot, the referee ruled Morari, despite was not in good enough condition to continue, giving the win and title to Dzavadov.

KOK 50 also saw the quarterfinal bouts of a middleweight grand prix tournament, with Mike Sprangh and Nikolai Bielozierciev winning their fights by extra-round split decision, and Raimonds Aukstikalnis scored his win with a first-round knockout. However, the final semifinal spot still does not have an owner yet, as a bout between Rafael De Souza and Giuseppe De Domenico went to a No Contest after it appeared Domenico went down from what may have been an illegal shot from De Souza, despite De Souza’s early dominance.

KOK 50 Results:
KOK Welterweight: Championship: Zaurs Dzavadov def. (c.) Sergei Morari via KO (Rd. 3, 0:19)
KOK Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament Quarterfinal: Nikolai Bielozierciev def. Stanislav Zanievskij via extra-round split decision
KOK Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament Quarterfinal: Raimonds Aukstikalnis def. Adam Wiesniew via KO (Rd. 1, 2:00)
KOK Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament Quarterfinal: Rafael De Souza vs. Giuseppe De Domenico declared a No Contest (Rd. 1, 0:27)
KOK Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament Quarterfinal: Mike Sprangh def. Stanislav Makarenko via extra-round split decision

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