KOK 51 Recap: Maslobojev Retains Title

Sergeij Maslobojev was victorious on Saturday at King of Kings Kickboxing’s KOK 51 event — held at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania — defeating Vardakas Petros to retain his light heavyweight title.

The first round of the championship bout saw a lot of clinching, with Maslobojev throwing some powerful knees. Maslobojev threw quite a flurry, forcing Petros back to the ropes until the ref calls break. Maslobojev continued to throw some nice combinations until the bell.

Maslobojev managed to get in another powerful knee early on, and he came after the challenger with combinations, forcing Petros back to a corner. Maslobojev landed a powerful jumping knee to score a knockdown about a minute into the round.

After another flurry of shots, the referee decided to give Petros a standing eight count. Maslobojev then came back out looking for the kill and he got it, knocking Petros down with a hard right round kick to the body and getting the TKO via three-knockdown rule.

KOK 51 also saw a four-man lightweight tournament, won by native countryman Henrikas Viksraitis, who defeated Mindaugas Narauskas in the final. Viksraitis advanced to the final by defeating Shonzinyo Abena in the opening match by decision, while Narauskas got a quick, first-round knockout over Jordy Laret. Despite some early trouble in the opening round, Viksraitis managed to knock Narauskas down in the second and went on to get the decision nod from the judges.

KOK 51 Results:
KOK Light Heavyweight Championship: (c.) Sergeij Maslobojev def. Vardakas Petros via TKO (Rd. 2, 1:24)
Lightweight Tournament Final: Henrikas Viksraitis def. Mindaugas Narauskas via unanimous decision
Heavyweight: Julius Mocka def. Patrick Schmid via extra-round unanimous decision
Welterweight: Martynas Jasiunas def. Przemyslaw Pawlak via unanimous decision
Lightweight Tournament Semifinal: Mindaugas Narauskas def. Jordy Laret via KO (Rd. 1, 0:59)
Lightweight Tournament Semifinal: Henrikas Viksraitis def. Shonzinyo Abena via unanimous decision

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