Korean Zombie Chan Sung Wins Over Ige

In Saturday’s UFC Fight Night main event, “The Korean Zombie,” Chan Sung Jung, delivered a disciplined and effective effort for five rounds as he defeated fellow featherweight contender Dan Ige via unanimous decision. During victory Jung dislocated his shoulder in the second round.

Scores were 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 for the No.4-ranked Jung, now 17-6. The No.8-ranked Ige falls to 15-4.

Ige was sharp early on, his jab and body work setting up a nice uppercut that jarred Jung briefly. With 2:45 to go in the opening round, Jung scored a takedown and while he controlled matters there for a spell, Ige scrambled his way back to his feet and resumed striking with his opponent, adding some more points before the end of the frame.

A right hand by Jung scored a flash knockdown as the second round began, but Ige recovered quickly. Jung’s confidence appeared to be boosted, though, and his controlled attack saw him mix up his punches and kicks nicely, with a right-hand midway through the round landing with a thud. Ige looked for a takedown moments later, but Jung defended the attempt. With less than a minute left, the two were on the mat, with Jung controlling the action until the horn.

Jung emerged from the round with a cut over his eye from a clash of heads, but he appeared unbothered by it as the third began. Once the round was underway, Jung took Ige down and did good work there, ultimately taking Ige’s back just before the two-minute mark. Jung nearly sunk in a rear naked choke, and though Ige defended well, he wasn’t able to escape the position before round’s end.

Ige rebounded in the fourth, but just when momentum looked to be swinging in his direction, Jung scored another takedown and did some effective work with his strikes. It was the same story in the fifth, with Ige surging in an attempt to turn things around, but Jung patiently doing what was necessary to stay out of serious danger. With a little over two minutes to go, a knee by Jung jarred Ige and gave the Zombie enough space to get the fight to the mat and take his foe’s back again. And that’s where the fight stayed until its conclusion.

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