Kovalev: “I Want to Destroy Ward”

Sergey Kovalev has done more than enough to earn the moniker "Krusher". A menacing force in the ring, the Russian is on the brink of the biggest fight of his life against Andre Ward. A little over a week away from the super-fight, Kovalev spoke about the bout and its importance to his legacy.

Ward (30-0) is the most elite fighter Kovalev has ever faced based on his credentials. After a successful run as the super middleweight champion, Ward moved up to the light-heavyweight division with an eventual super-fight against Kovalev in his sights. The fight has finally come about, and Kovalev is willing to admit that Ward will likely be his stiffest test.

“We’ll find out on November 19," he said. "I don’t know, but I think so, yes."

As for Kovalev’s preparation and gameplan heading into the fight, he believes that he already has the tools to defeat Ward and won’t be changing anything in the buildup to the bout.

“I don’t have any different strategy, my strategy is just the one, any cost to get the victory over him. He’s right now in my way to my goals and to my dreams and I should to do my job and fight for my goals and for my dreams. I want to destroy him.”

Kovalev and Ward both reside in the top five of most pound-for-pound lists, and this bout is unofficially a contest for that #1 spot; The fight has even been titled "Pound for Pound". Kovalev, however, won’t worry about the implications until after he gets past Ward.

“I don’t think about what will be after the fight. I have focused my whole attention on this fight and Ward and what I should do inside the ring. We’ll see about this after the fight.”

While Kovalev is known for his suffocating pressure and violent demeanor, Ward is considered more a tactician. Kovalev, however, believes he will have the mental advantage in the fight and does not need the knockout to come out victorious. 

“I think this is most important thing. For me this is a mental fight. It’s not who is stronger, but who is smarter and brings best skills into the ring and who is mentally stronger. If I happen to knock him out, it will be a bonus for boxing fans and for me myself.”

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