KSI Vs. Tommy Fury Set For October 14th

KSI and Tommy Fury will face each other on October 14th, 2023. 

The fight has finally been made at a time where there was a lot of uncertainty over whether it would go ahead. 

A suitable catchweight could not be agreed upon, as KSI alleged Fury backtracked on his commitment to fight at 180 lbs. In response, Fury demanded that a fight at 185 lbs would be the only thing possible. 

“Here we go again, guys. KSI going on about how it’s my fault the contract hasn’t been signed yet,” Fury said. “Just a few things to clear up.

“KSI’s only just agreed to do drug testing for this fight, he took his time with that one, and now he’s complaining about the weight. This fight’s at 185, take it or leave it. I know you’re a midget and you’re worrying about the weight, but get some more food down you and you’ll get there,” Fury said

In response, KSI issued a final warning for the fight negotiations.

“We agreed on all of that, and then you decided to move the goalposts yet again. Now you’re demanding that we fight at 185, or we’re not fighting at all. Like, what the f**k is wrong with you?

“Tommy, you need to realize who the f***k you’re talking to, I don’t need to do this. I don’t need to fight, I choose to fight… You have until Monday, 3rd of July, 6 PM to sign the contract or I’m moving on,” KSI

But now that the fight is on, it will throw up a few questions. Will KSI be able to overcome Fury, something which Jake Paul could not do? The latter lost in a split decision, despite putting Fury on the canvas on one occasion. 

Not only that, but Fury’s choice of opponents suggest that his focus is on securing lucrative fights in the Youtube scene rather than chasing a world title. 

With that being said, expect Fury to be involved in more fights with influencers. 

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