Kurt Angle Reveals Why He Turned Down Joining UFC Twice

WWE legend Kurt Angle has claimed that UFC President Dana White offered him to join his organization twice, but he had to turn it down due to his injuries and other commitments.

The Olympic gold medalist could have gone down a whole new route after he parted ways with the WWE back in 2006.

“It got pretty serious in 2006 after I left WWE,” Angle said in a conversation with Fightful. “I flew out to meet with Dana White. He offered me a contract. It was a really good contract and at that time, I’d just signed with TNA.”

Angle wanted to work with the TNA and UFC part-time, but White wanted him at UFC full time. This did not sit well with Angle since he had just signed a deal with TNA and did not want to leave the organization for MMA. He explained that his gruesome neck and arm injuries also forced him to ditch mixed martial arts.

Angle started his athletic career playing football and wrestling in his hometown of Pittsburgh. He became a top amateur wrestler in the U.S., winning a pair of NCAA titles at Clarion University. In 1996, he captured the eyes of the nation when he won gold medal at the 220-pound freestyle wrestling competition at the Olympic Games with a broken neck.

Angle debuted in the WWE and is regarded as one of the most legendary and electric wrestlers in the organization. He left the WWE roster after seven years.

In 2010, he was offered another UFC contract.

“I did, in 2010, I went back to Dana and he offered me another contract. But when I sat home and thought about it, at that point I was forty years old,” Angle said. “I knew that my body wasn’t gonna hold up for MMA. So, I turned down the contract again, unfortunately. I feel bad.”

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