Larry Holmes Defeats Ken Norton In His First Heavyweight Title Defense June 9, 1978 (This Day In Boxing History)

Larry Holmes vs Ken Norton was a fight to establish who would be the heir to Muhammad Ali.

On June 9, 1078, Holmes defeated Norton in his first title defense in a 15 round bout that would go down as having one of the best final rounds in heavyweight boxing history.

It was anybody’s fight, but Holmes was dominant in the 13th, dealing two right hand blows to Norton.

By the 14th, both had to push themselves to come back out. Norton put his all into it and was able to rip Holmes with six straight punches just before the bell.

Both men struggled to leave the stools in the 5th, but Holmes was able to blow some devastating punches in the final half minute, putting him ahead and allowing him to walk away with a split decision victory.

Holmes would go on to successfully defend the title against 19 fighters.

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