Larry Holmes Drops Ossie Ocasio Four Times – March 23, 1979 (This Day In Boxing History)

Ossie Ocasio was a rising prospect in the heavyweight division, not being defeated in 13 straight fights.

But WBA heavyweight champion Larry Holmes knew how to humble his opponent quickly. On March 23, 1979, the two met and fought in front of over 5,000 fans at the Las Vegas Hilton Pavilion.

Holmes dropped Ocasio four times in the seventh round, forcing the fight to be waived off before its scheduled 15 rounds. The first knockdown was served with a jab while the following three came from right hands.

The victory marked a successful second title defense.

Holmes continued to reign until 1985 while Ocasio fought a few more times at heavyweight before moving down to the new cruiserweight division, where he later won a world title.

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