Laura Serrano: The First Female Mexican Boxer Inducted Into The Boxing Hall of Fame

Laura Serrano became the first female from Mexico to be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. 

The 55-year-old was a major driver for women’s boxing in Mexico, as she defied the odds to become a world champion with her victory over Tracy Byrd.

But prior to that, there were many obstacles she had to overcome. Serrano’s aspirations as a lawyer took a backseat as she secured her pro boxing license.

Thereafter, she came up against Christy Martin and secured a commendable draw in the US. And straight after, she took on the biggest challenge in facing Deirdre Gogarty.

Despite the odds being against her, the Mexican knocked out the Irishwoman in the seventh round. But that success came with some problems.

Serrano was on course to box in Mexico only to be prevented by the legal system, which had banned female boxing in 1947. That was overturned following a legal battle, but Serrano suffered a foot injury afterwards in 1999. 

But after a period of rehabilitation, she came back to defeat Tracy Byrd, as she became the first female Mexican world champion. She retired from the sport in 2012 with the following record: 17-5-3, 6KOs. 

And looking back, she was grateful for the recognition. 

“It was very important news for me, but it moved me more for my parents, especially for my mother. She was my biggest fan, my biggest driving force and the best cheerleader I could have.

“Today my mom is no longer here. She passed in March but she found out about this distinction and I know it was a gift for her,” Serrano

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