Lemieux Viciously Knocks Out Stevens

In a flash, it was all over.

With a Knockout of the Year worthy nomination, David Lemieux scored a victory over Curtis Stevens in the main event of HBO’s Boxing After Dark on Saturday night. The fight took place from the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York.

The fight was hard-hitting from the start, with each fighter getting his own shots. But it was clear that Stevens was shaken up, as he was forced to the ropes and had to recover. Both began trading power shots once again for the remainder of the opening round, but Lemieux hurt Stevens once again as the closing bell sounded.

Lemieux got Stevens back to the ropes early on in the second round, but Stevens was able to fight him off. Lemieux continued to land hard shot after hard shot, while Stevens focused on defense. Both fighters then traded hooks, but Stevens managed to shake Lemieux up a little with a hard hook of his own before the second round ended.

Stevens began the third round by coming out strong, chasing Lemieux with hard shots. But it took just a second for everything to change. One perfect left hook, and Stevens was down on the canvas, out cold from Lemieux’s punch.

This marks Stevens’ third win in a row.

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