Lennox Lewis Fights To Regain Control Of Facebook Account Amid Slap-Fighting Craze

Lennox Lewis, former undisputed heavyweight champion, has been struggling to regain access to his Facebook account due to a slap-fighting craze that has taken over the platform.

The hackers, who have now been identified, have been using Lewis’ account to post videos of slap-fighting in the hopes of gaining viral fame. As a result, Lewis has been unable to access his account, causing frustration among his over one million American followers.

However, there is good news for Lewis and his fans. Facebook’s owners, Meta, have implemented new policies that will help prevent these types of hacks from occurring in the future. After discovering that the hackers had been named in these policies, Lewis was able to regain control of his account and put a stop to the unauthorized posts.

As one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Lewis’ account is a must-follow for American boxing fans. But with the recent slap-fighting videos, it’s no surprise that Lewis has been eager to get his account unblocked. Now that he’s back in control, fans can expect to see more of Lewis’ insights and commentary on the sport that made him a legend.

“What happened to the Facebook or Meta sports teams? We’ve been locked out of my Facebook fan page for almost two months,” said Lewis.

“How do I reach anyone over there now?”

It’s frustrating to hear that despite the identification of the hackers, no action has been taken to resolve Lennox Lewis’ Facebook account issues. As a highly engaged user of social media, Lewis values the ability to connect with his followers. Unfortunately, Facebook’s apparent lack of security has limited his ability to do so.

However, with the recent changes made by Meta to improve security measures, there may be hope for Lewis and other users experiencing similar problems. The new modifications to page publishing under specified identities could potentially address the issue and provide a more secure platform for users.

As of now, the help available in the new pages section seems to be scarce. But it also warns that “Pages that you manage may be in the new Pages experience.”

“If you have Facebook access to a new Page, this article applies to you. If you have task access, you would manage new Pages from other tools, such as Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio. Learn more about access to new Pages.

“Once your Page has been updated to the new Pages experience, you’ll be able to switch between using your Page or profile on Facebook.

“This gives you the option to keep your Page activity separate from your profile.

“Bear in mind that: Only people with Facebook access to the Page can switch into it on Facebook.”

It’s understandable that Lennox Lewis would want to regain access to his Facebook account and prevent the unauthorized posting of videos. While it may not be possible to regain control of the pages of the individuals who initially hacked his account, there are steps that can be taken to prevent further unauthorized posting.

One option is for Lewis to report any videos posted on his account without his permission. With the new regulations in place, the names of those who publish without permission are listed beneath the videos, making it easier for Lewis and his followers to document any unauthorized activity.

Furthermore, by encouraging his followers to report any unauthorized posting, Lewis can help ensure that his account remains secure and free from inappropriate content. It’s important for social media platforms to take the necessary steps to protect their users, and by working together, users like Lennox Lewis can help create a safer online community for all.

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