Leonard Ellerbe, Eddie Hearn Trade Verbal Jabs Over Gervonta Davis

Leonard Ellerbe doesn’t like what Eddie Hearn has been saying.

Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, unloaded on Hearn, of Matchroom Boxing, after the latter said he has plans to sign Gervonta Davis. Davis revealed his past fight on Saturday against Rolando Romero was the last fight with the promotion, which he has been a part of for about six years.

Hearn previously said, “I’m open to signing Tank Davis, and I’ll overpay him just to get under Leonard Ellerbe’s skin.”

Ellerbe had a detailed response.

“Well, it’s been no secret what my opinion is of him. I think he’s the biggest f— clown of all of boxing, and I have a very good reason why I say that.

“… As far as the American market, he knows nothing about it because he has nothing to show for it.

“When you look at DAZN USA, it’s been a failure and it’s been well documented. That’s not only my opinion, those are facts.”

Hearn signed an exclusive deal with DAZN for five years. He ended a previous contract with Sky Sports.

He most recently put the Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol fight on DAZN. Ellerbe argued that Alvarez’s numbers have gone down “drastically.”

He also said that Hearn ruined former unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s career.

“You haven’t made no big fights yet. And as it relates to his knowledge of how to match fighters, look what he did with Anthony Joshua? I feel really bad. Anthony Joshua was a nice young man, and I think he’s a terrific fighter,” he continued.

“Again, I don’t want to go back into all of that because I try to be as professional as I possibly can, but that’s one guy that I can honestly say that if I had the opportunity, I’d stomp him out.”

Hearn caught wind of Ellerbe’s comments on Thursday and clapped back.

“Ain’t no sunshine when Tank’s gone,” Hearn sang to IFL TV.

Davis has not indicated where he plans to sign next or become a free agent like Terence Crawford and Alvarez.

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