Leonard Ellerbe Takes Serious Issue With Oscar De La Hoya’s Gervonta Davis Vs. Ryan Garcia Comments

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya did the video interview with Fight Hype that Floyd Maywether demanded as precursor to make a Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight happen, and it is clear that Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe wasn’t a fan of what he had to say.

Ellerbe lashed out on De La Hoya in a series of Tweets for saying that he knows for a fact that Gervonta Davis hasn’t surpassed 100,000 PPV buys in any of his fights (in reference to negotiating a prospective fight with Ryan Garcia). De La Hoya seemed to use this to suggest that Davis isn’t so far ahead of Garcia when it comes to drawing power, even though Garcia has not yet headlined any PPV card

“Oscar is a lying piece of s—,” Ellerbe posted to his Twitter account. “To prove it we will put up $5 mil to his $1 mil or whatever he can scrape up. We will present the info to an arbitrator who then can determine the winner and the winner donates the money to a charity of their choice. The public can see who’s lying!

“Tank has done substantially more than 100k buys in EVERY one of his PPV fights. Oscar is trying to do everything he can to NOT make a fight and it’s time to expose the facts. This is a terrible look for Ryan and his promoter.

“Oscar’s assertion that Tank and Ryan are equal is all bulls— and anyone who can add knows that. In Ryan’s last fight at the live gate he grossed $1,126,155.00 and in that same bldg Tank grossed $3,525,855.00. That’s less than a 3rd, how is that equal?

“Ryan’s last 3 fights, his live gates combined don’t add up to $3,525,850.00, another irrefutable fact. He’s a good dude and terrific fighter and has a huge following also. I think he brings tremendous value to make a big fight but that nonsense his promoter is saying is crazy.

“Ryan says he wants to fight Tank, he’s told everybody that and I believe him. He needs to get his promoter in line ASAP, this is a terrible look for him!!”

This exchange does not make the likelihood of Davis-Garcia matchup seem promising. Although, things could always go smoother at the real negotiating table.

There is also the possibility that the fighters will push their promoters to strike a deal for a fight the public demands, forcing them to put aside their differences. Garcia has made it clear in the past on social media that he wants a shot at Davis, although Davis himself has not shown as much interest.

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