Lesnar Admits UFC Has Offered DC Fight

Brock Lesnar usually lets Paul Heyman do the talking for him, but last week Lesnar gave a rare sit-down interview in his adopted home providence of Saskatchewan.

As part of a charity event at the Assiniboia Sports Celebrity Dinner & Auction, Lesnar was the keynote speaker and discussed not only why he and wife Rena put up roots in his remote farm, but did let slip that the UFC has made contact with him for a fight this year against Daniel Cormier.

Speaking to the event’s host Rod Pedersen, Lesnar said the UFC has made an offer for the former heavyweight champion to return this summer and face current heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier this Summer.

Lesnar is still weighing his options per Pedersen’s website, but if he agrees, it would be his first fight inside the Octagon since UFC 200, and his first UFC title fight in nine years, when he lost the title to Cain Velasquez.

The University of Minnesota product was last seen in a losing effort to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 35, where his advocate Paul Heyman made it clear that he and Lesnar were heading on a private jet to Las Vegas after his WWE Universal title match with Lesnar.

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Credit: Rod Pedersen

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