Lewis Explains UFC 229 Shorts Incident

Only Derrick Lewis can have a post-fight interview surpass a walk-off knockout, and following the open workouts for UFC 230, Lewis explained the real reason he took his shorts off.

“I took my shorts off to throw it into the crowd,” Lewis said of the moments following his dropping of Alexander Volkoff in the third round of their UFC 229 fight. “That’s the reason why I did it. But (Joe Rogan) asked me that and I didn’t know what else to say.”

“I’m always saying crazy things, and it is crazy about my b***s. I guess people really believe my b***s was that hot.”

Lewis also told Rogan at UFC 229 that he may not be ready for a title fight, but after the figure came in to fight Cormier on November 3rd, Lewis quickly changed his tune.

“When I first said that, it was like I didn’t want to train that hard for a damn five-round fight,” Lewis said. “But I knew how hard I would have to train, even way harder than I did before. And I didn’t feel like doing all that right after a fight like that.”

“So, when they offered me the money that they offered me, then it was like the reset button. ‘OK, yeah, I could do this.’ Then it’s guaranteed, so there’s no sweat off my back.”

“It’s gonna be a real good fight,” he continued. “I’m going in there and try to end it real quick. If I lose, that’s fine. I still get the money.”

Quotes Transcribed by MMA Mania

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