Liam Smith Accused Of Cheating Against Chris Eubank Jr.

Smith was declared winner by fourth-round knockout.

The Eubank-Smith duel’s controversy has taken the internet by storm.

Chris Eubank Jr. and Liam Smith met each other in Manchester Arena last week in a highly grueling match. As expected, the fight started at a high pace with both fighters getting past each other’s defenses on numerous occasions.

But it was the Liverpool man, who pushed Eubank to the corner and sent him reeling on canvas in the fourth. A left elbow followed by a flurry of combos meant Eubank’s night was over in a flash.

With the fight over inside the ring, it’s still going outside as the close replays showed that Smith might have caught Eubank with an elbow rather than a left hook.

An online blogger that goes by the label JokerfleckCast has come up with a 38-second video which showed that Smith might have been lucky for not getting reprimanded as the footage displays that it was more of an elbow than a horizontal left hook which caused all the havoc for Eubank Jr.

Roy Jones Jr., the trainer of Eubank Jr., has further fomented the fire with his new Instagram post. Eddie Hearn lambasted Jones Jr. game plan after the fight to which the latter responded with this.

“All boxers! Avoid Roy Jones Jr as a trainer! Never mind this elbow. Just avoid him. Damn, If I can take all that away from a fighter via training, no wonder I raised so much hell in my day! That almost sounds like Godly qualities, And I’m nowhere near what God is!”

Eubank Jr. has yet to give his take on the controversy but with an instant rematch clause being part of the contract, the 33-year-old has got a valid reason to initiate that clause.

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