Liam Smith Vs. Chris Eubank Jr. 2 Weigh-In And Where To Watch Info

Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. both made weight ahead of their bout on September 2nd, 2023. 

Both fighters were required to make the 160-pound limit, which they made with ease. Eubank stepped on the scales at 159.3 pounds, while Smith was on the 160 limit. Eubank will aim to bounce back from his loss to Smith in their first fight, as he was stopped in the fourth round. As for Smith, another victory would dismiss any excuses that emerged over Eubank’s mindset in the first fight. 

Allegations of an illegal elbow by Smith, as well as worries over Eubank’s weight cut, took the shine off the win. However, this time the fight throws up an interesting dynamic in that Eubank will work with his new trainer, Brian McIntyre, for the first time. While their working relationship has not been the longest, it may give Eubank a psychological edge. With that being said, here were the full weigh-in results. 


Liam Smith (160 pounds) vs. Chris Eubank Jr (159.3 pounds) – middleweight

Adam Azim (139 pounds) vs. Aram Faniian (139 pounds) – super lightweight

Frazer Clarke (270 pounds) vs. David Allen (257 pounds) – heavyweight

Mark Heffron (167 pounds) vs. Jack Cullen (167 pounds) – super middleweight

Mikaela Mayer (141.3 pounds) vs. Silvia Bortot (139 pounds) – junior welterweight

Lauren Price (146.3 pounds) vs. Lolita Muzeya (147.4 pounds) – welterweight

Florian Marku (146.3 pounds) vs. Dylan Moran (145 pounds) – welterweight

Frankie Stringer (135.3 pounds) vs. Engel Gomez (134 pounds)  – lightweight

Make sure you check out the fight on FIGHT SPORTS and FIGHT SPORTS MAX in the countries below from 2 p.m. ET time.


  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • France
  • Nordic/Baltics
  • Belgium
  • Greece/Cyprus
  • Ex-Yugoslavia
  • Armenia
  • Israel
  • MENA
  • Angola/Mozambique
  • Caribbean


  • Nordic/Baltics
  • Belgium
  • MENA
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