Liam Smith Wants A Third Fight With Chris Eubank Jr.

Liam Smith is desperate to avenge his loss to Chris Eubank Jr. by having a trilogy.

Their current record against each other stands at 1-1. Smith won the first bout when he stopped Eubank Jr. in round four. Following the defeat, however, there were questions over whether Eubank was at his best physically as he had made 157 pounds, a career-low weight for the Connor Benn fight, which was then called off when the latter failed two VADA tests.

In the rematch, Eubank hired Brian McIntyre as his new trainer. That worked a treat as Eubank knocked Smith out in the tenth round. However, there were suggestions that Smith injured his ankle during the fight. Meanwhile, the boxer ballooned up in weight in the run-up to the fight, going up to cruiserweight, as Smith lost considerable weight in a short space of time, which may have impacted his performance. With that being said, Smith was desperate to run things back.

“If I lost to Chris in good circumstances, if I had a great camp, if I didn’t feel any of the things I thought [then], I’d have retired the next day after the fight, but I know the situation I was in. I know how poor I performed and the reasons why I performed like I did. I’m still in a very good position.

“I’ve got very good offers at the moment. I’ve got two huge, surprising people who are trying to make a fight with myself asking me when I’ll be ready. You’re talking world title fights; you’re talking final eliminators. I’m in a good position, surprisingly, coming off the back of a loss to Chris. I think that speaks volumes of people understanding the performance and the reasons. I’d love that to happen. I’d pay money out my own pocket to fight Chris again. That’s one [loss] that eats away at me,” Smith said

Nevertheless, that is unlikely to happen. Eubank’s focus appears to be on a Conor Benn fight. The duo had been linked with a fight on February 3rd, 2024, only for the BBBofC to deny Benn’s application to fight in the UK until their hearing was concluded. However, if the hearing results in Benn being banned, a fight could materialise, which is what Smith was hoping for.

“He’s probably going to take that win and go elsewhere instead of trying to have the trilogy and beat me convincingly next time. We’ll see how it plays out. If you’re not going to fight Conor [Benn], who’s he going to fight? I’m not really concentrating on them,” Smith

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