Licensed Combat Sports Judge And Lawyer Wins

One Athletic Commission Has Adopted His Brain Health Basics Video So Far

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Canadian lawyer Erik Magraken works tirelessly on the safety of combat sports fighters. With the bizarre concept of Slap Fighting, exhibition fights with used-to-be-retired fighters, social media posts about people being knocked out during training only a few weeks ahead of a scheduled fight, Magraken felt it was time to push even harder for the adoption of standard, basic brain health.

The Canadian lawyer runs a website called Combat Sports Law:

This site is authored by Erik Magraken.

Erik is the managing partner of MacIsaac & Company practicing litigation law and dealing with combative sports regulatory issues. Erik is a licenced judge in British Columbia for the sports of Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts with many years of involvement with combative sports.

This blog follows legal developments addressing issues concerning Mixed Martial Arts and other Combat Sports across Canada and the US.

The activity of Slap Fighting where the participants are not defending themselves, is bound to cause major head trauma. That is clear to most people. Magraken is provoked by the concept and it has led to him pushing even harder for the adoption of focus, information, knowledge, research and understanding of brain safety. He is currently contacting all athletic state commissioning bodies in Canada and the USA to persuade them to adopt the Fighting Foundation’s “White Belt” Brain Health Knowledge Video!

The White Belt Brain Health Knowledge Video

The Fighting Foundation is a organization which provides education, resources, research and treatment for combat sports athletes and their support system worldwide.

– Fighting Foundation

Yesterday Magraken succeeded in getting the British Columbia athletic commission to adopt Fighting Foundation’s “White Belt” Brain Health Knowledge Video.

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