FULL FIGHT: Carl Frampton vs. Luke Jackson and Tyson Fury vs. Francesco Pianeta

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Interim WBO Featherweight Title: (c) Carl Frampton defeated Luke Jackson by TKO, round 9

Heavyweight: Tyson Fury defeated Francesco Pianeta by PTS (100-90)

WBC Flyweight Title: (c) Cristofer Rosales defeated Paddy Barnes by KO, round 4

Cruiserweight: Steven Ward defeated Steve Collins Jr

Welterweight: Lewis Crocker defeated William Warburton by PTS

Super Featherweight: Marco McCullough defeated Jordan Ellison by PTS

Super Lightweight: Sam Maxwell defeated Chris Truman by RTD, round 3

Middleweight: Conrad Cummings defeated Nicky Jenman by PTS

Super Welterweight: Steven Donnelly defeated Kevin McCauley by PTS

Lightweight: Sean McComb defeated Reynaldo Mora by TKO, round 4

Middleweight: Luke Keeler defeated Dwain Grant by PTS

Carl Frampton vs. Luke Jackson: Interim WBO Featherweight Title

Round 1: Frampton looks confident, landing his right hand to the body. Frampton does a good job stepping back whenever Jackson throws a jab to the body. Frampton throws right uppercut towards the end of the round, but Jackson manages to block it.

Round 2: Frampton is starting to pressure Jackson to the ropes, throwing three-punch combinations and keeping a steady pace. Frampton does land a solid left jab and he’s now marching forward, tagging his opponent with body shots. Frampton lands a couple of body shots at the end of the round.

Round 3: Both Frampton and Jackson trade left jabs to start the round. Frampton is now delivering strong punches to the body and lands a big right hand. Jackson is now letting his hands go, throwing a four-punch combination. Frampton landed a solid left hand and continues to work the body.

Round 4: Frampton is teeing off on Jackson, looking for the knockout punch. Jackson is looking to punch Frampton’s body, but Frampton is easily maneuvering out of danger. Frampton remains calm in the round so far, landing his punches with relative ease.

Round 5: Frampton continues to move around the ring as Jackson is missing some of his punches. Frampton landed more punches to the body and he is starting to be a bit more aggressive as Jackson is starting to bleed from his nose.

Round 6: Jackson landed a solid punch to start the round as Frampton is still throwing combination and dodging Jackson’s follow-up punches. Frampton tags Jackson with a left body shot. Jackson and Frampton trade punches about halfway through the round. Frampton connects with a straight right hand that stunned Jackson for a little bit. Frampton lands a right uppercut on Jackson late in the round.

Round 7: Frampton starts off by landing several body shots to start the round. Jackson continues to hang on, but is overmatched by the interim WBO champion.

Round 8: Frampton continues to tee off on Jackson, looking for the knockout, but is still not getting the KO  Frampton eventually knocks down Jackson with a stiff body shot, but Jackson recovers and gets back up. Frampton hurts Jackson again at the end of the round, but does not stop him.

Round 9: Jackson bounces back from the knockdown late in the last round and throws a flurry of punches to keep Frampton off of him. Frampton unloads on Jackson, hurting him and the referee puts a stop to the fight. Frampton is your winner.

Tyson Fury vs. Francesco Pianeta

Round 1: Fury is taking this fight more seriously than the fight against Sefer Seferi in June. Pianeta traps Fury in the corner and Fury moves his head to dodge punches like Muhammad Ali. Pianeta does get chances to throw combinations, but they don’t land well on Fury. Fury is jabbing decently well in this round.

Round 2: Fury throws some soft combinations as he continues to find his range. Both men do not throw much in this round, but Pianeta has close to zero success landing any meaningful punches.

Round 3: Pianeta walks down Fury trying to land the 1-2, but is unsuccessful. Fury continues to land short range combinations. Fury is working with his left jab more in this round.

Round 4: Fury’s footwork is looking better as he is slipping under some of Pianeta’s punches. Fury continues to throw the occasional combination and left jab, even landing a good left body hook, but it still doesn’t look like Fury is giving it his all in this fight. Fury has yet to be hurt once by Pianeta’s punches.

Round 5: Pianeta lands a couple of body shots as Fury is moving back and along the ropes. Fury lands the left jab once more as Fury appears to be more defensive in this round than in previous rounds.

Round 6: Fury landed perhaps his best punch in the fight: an uppercut that split Pianeta’s defense as Fury had his opponent pinned on the ropes. Fury is starting to be more aggressive in this fight, landing stronger punches and sharper combinations. Pianeta is trying to land something meaningful at the end of the round, but he’s not successful.

Round 7: Pianeta continues to move forward, trying to see if he can land a lucky punch to take out Fury. Fury lands a left hand that was close to being a low blow, forcing the referee to pause the fight for a brief second. Fury is back to focusing the majority of his punches coming from the left hand.

Round 8: Pianeta lands a couple of punches upstairs, but Fury also lands another strong left hand to Pianeta’s head. Fury has Pianeta on the ropes and works the body, looking to further break down Pianeta with body punches.

Round 9: The rounds goes pretty much the same as the prior eight rounds. Pianeta continues to throw meaningless punches as Fury throws more combinations. Fury does throw a flurry of punches exclusively from the right hand except for the final punch which is a strong left hook.

Round 10: Fury lands a couple of solid body shots before moving his attack to Pianeta’s head. There’s not much action in the final round as Fury comfortably finishes the fight, likely as the winner.

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