LIVE RESULTS: Joshua Vs. Parker

The scene has been set at Principality Stadium as Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua will finally square off with four world heavyweight championships on the line in Cardiff Wales.

The crowd was at a fever pitch when Anthony Joshua made his way out to the ring. The British champion had an entrance that would fit in at next week’s Wrestlemania event, as much as it would for a world heavyweight title fight.

Round 1:

The first round saw both fighters looking to find their reach and establish the jab. Joshua would bring the pressure to Parker, as the New Zealand fighter would move back more than forward.

Round 2:

Joshua kept the pressure on Parker,  as Parker stayed on his back foot. No fireworks yet.

Round 3:

A back and forth round, while Joshua maintains the control, he’s not been able to break through Parker’s defense as both men get tangled up twice.

Round 4:

Joshua using his range to his advantage, as Parker continues to move back and against the ropes.  Joshua’s speed and skill being showcased in the round as he evades Parker’s punches.

Round 5:

More aggression in this round from Parker, as he would begin to chase after Joshua mid-way through the round, but Joshua would find a way to balance it out.

Round 6:

First heavy exchange of the fight as Parker lands lands some heavy punches, but was broken up by the official. Parker more confident this round even though he would go back to the ropes.

Round 7:

Heavy body shots by Parker, as Joshua throws a huge uppercut in the clinch, which the referee would admonish.  Clinches being utilized by Parker to slow down any momentum from Joshua.

Round 8

Joshua lands a solid combination and looks to turn the momentum more one-sided, but the referee once again steps in to break up the exchange.

Round 9:

Another back and forth round, as either fighter cannot keep the momentum longer than a few seconds.

Round 10:

Joshua draws blood on Parker, as Parker gets clipped with an elbow in the clinch. The tape on Joshua’s glove continues to be an issue.

Round 11:

Aggression picking up at the end of the round with a brief exchange between the two, Joshua may have the advantage into the final round.

Round 12:

Joshua landed strong punches, and kept the pace in his only time in the twelfth round.

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