Lobov: I Make 90-95% More Than UFC Fighters

Heading into his third time inside the BKFC ring, Artem Lobov is grateful for the UFC’s platform opening the door for him to become the face of Bare Knuckle Fighting.

Preparing for his rematch against Jason Knight on November 16th, Lobov feels content being the face of the upstart promotion.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for UFC. The reason why I’m getting all these offers is in large part because I was a UFC fighter and that’s where I made my name,” Lobov explained to MMA Fighting. “Having said that, of course everybody wants to be champion, yes that’s good to be in the UFC but the thing is we all have families, we all have mouths to feed and we all need to provide. I’m able to do it a lot better outside the UFC than when I was in the UFC.

“I watch the pay disclosures after every card in the UFC and normally there’s one guy on the card who gets paid more than me. If there’s a big, huge card maybe there’s three or four. So I get paid more than 90 or 95 percent of the UFC fighters so I’m happy I’m in the position that I’m in.”

“When you don’t have to worry about the financial side, you can truly concentrate on the craft,” Lobov said of his time in the BKFC that has seen him as a headliner since his signing. “You can truly concentrate on the fights you really want to have.

“You have that freedom and it’s extremely important especially when you have a family and you have to provide.”

“At the end of the day, this is a business and I want to see what else is out there in the market,” Lobov said. “This is going to be the last fight on my contract. [BKFC president] David Feldman already offered me a two-fight extension. So we will see how it goes but with me if the opponent is not the most interesting for me, the money side has to be more interesting.

“We can always come to an agreement. I always make sure that I’m good to do business with. I always show up. I always make weight. I never pull out of the fights. I just make it enjoyable to do business with me.”

Lobov was a part of the biggest BKFC card to date earlier this year against Conor McGregor’s rival and former world champion boxer Paulie Malignaggi. After smack talk, press conference and public workout brawls, and years of tension, the former boxer fell to Lobov.

While Malignaggi has insisted that his foray into bare-knuckle was a one and done affair, Lobov feels a showdown could be a pretty big payday.

“I think me and Paulie boxing, that’s a fight in and of itself. That could be a main event on the card. It could sell pay-per-views,” Lobov said. “With the gloves on he could have more of a chance there but I feel I’ve been making good progress and that would make a good fight. So maybe we could do that next year.

“I will never get sick of whooping that guy’s ass. I’m happy to do that over and over and over again. People in the world seem to enjoy that also. Why not? I’m all for it. If an offer comes in, it will be a yes from me.”

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