Lobov Releases Text Messages Allegedly From McGregor Amid Their Lawsuit

Artem Lobov has leaked messages which are allegedly between him and Conor McGregor as the two engage in a legal battle. 

Lobov claims his ex-sparring partner, McGregor, owes him money after ‘The Notorious’ sold his ‘Proper 12’ whiskey brand. Lobov stated he is a co-founder after having persuaded McGregor to create a whiskey brand rather than vodka. He claims he verbally agreed to get five percent from a sale. McGregor sold his share for $130 million. The Irishman admitted he offered Lobov $1 million for his efforts, but Lobov rejected it. McGregor has also stated the offer was for another brand, which didn’t materialise. Now, Lobov has shared some messages indicating he was promised a share from the sale. 

McGregor: “This fight and this whiskey deal, I am going to look after you. You are always there for me brother and I appreciate all of your work”

Lobov: “Thank you so much Conor, I won’t take anything for the camp as it’s great for me and my skill also and I am delighted to be there, so please don’t send me money for it, please! The whiskey is going to be huge!!! Audie told me that you are giving me a percentage, thank you very much for that, it’s going to be a massive success!”

McGregor: “Don’t worry bout it my brother!”


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