Loeffler: DAZN Wants Canelo-GGG 3 This Fall

While Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez will not meet each other this Spring, Golovkin’s promoter, Tom Loeffler sees a scenario where they meet in September for the third straight year.

Speaking with FIGHT HUB on Tuesday following a Los Angeles media conference for Golovkin’s June 8th return against Steve Rolls, Loeffler made it clear that DAZN wanted GGG, and wanted the Canelo-GGG trilogy fight.

“Well, DAZN really aggressively pursued GGG,” Loeffler said. “When Canelo signed with DAZN, their goal wasn’t — I mean it was to sign Canelo but really as part of that goal was to make the third fight with GGG. Once they signed Canelo, they really went after Gennady, as did many other platforms. That’s kinda where it started off that whole bidding process. And the goal for DAZN is to make the third fight with GGG.”

“They made it clear on our side that the fastest path, the easiest path to making the Canelo fight was to sign with DAZN. That’s what GGG did. And they told us that they made it clear to Canelo a part of that big contract he signed includes a third fight with GGG…”

While DAZN and Golovkin obviously want the third fight to go down this September, Alvarez has said numerous times in the media that the only way he’ll face GGG again is if he holds a title.

“When you’re paying whatever the number is, $365 million, whatever that number is, I think DAZN has a lot of leverage to say who they want as part of that deal,” Loeffler said of DAZN making that fight happen. “So, you know, I can’t get into the details of their side. From our side they’ve made representations that that fight — if Canelo’s successful and if GGG’s successful — that they’ll do everything in their power to make sure that fight happens in the fall.”

On Wednesday, judges will be decided for Alvarez’ May 4th unification fight with Daniel Jacobs, with one of the options being Adalaide Byrd. Byrd was the judge who would score the first Canelo-GGG fight 118-110 for Alvarez, shocking and surprising everyone in the boxing community.

Golovkin made it clear after losing the second fight via decision to Alvarez, that he wouldn’t trust Nevada judges, which Loeffler reiterated on Tuesday.

“Gennady love Vegas. We love Vegas. We love the MGM. We love the T-Mobile. We don’t love the judging, the scoring,” GGG’s promoter said. “Whether that’s a reflection of being in Vegas or not — when arguably you’ve won two fights in a row which a majority of the fans, a majority of the media thought Gennady won both those fights, at worst a draw in the second fight, and you only get one score out of six…there’s promoters out there based in Las Vegas that would call for an FBI investigation when you have one judge scoring 10 rounds to 2 for a fight that HBO scored 8 rounds to 4 for GGG…

“We’re not gonna dwell on those fights but the second fight with the 12th round clearly a GGG round and two of the judges scored it for Canelo. And that’s really what took Gennady’s titles away. If one of those judges scored it for GGG he’d still have all of his titles right now. So, you know, that makes [Vegas] a tough sell. Going back there naturally Gennady’s going to make the decision if it comes down to that, you know, where the fight would be…

“Again, there’s nothing against Las Vegas. We got the hand wrapping situation now straightened out with the commission. They’ve acknowledged that Abel was right the first time when he was protesting the hand wraps that Canelo was using and was being threatened to be thrown out of the locker room, which in the second fight they acknowledged that Abel was right, that there is a limited amount under their current rules…that they can put on, to apply on the hand wraps. So I’m not gonna say he’s not gonna go back to Vegas. Doing a third fight with Canelo in Vegas is probably challenging, but again, that’s Gennady’s decision, that’s up to Canelo and Golden Boy…”

Loeffler Quotes Transcribed By Bad Left Hook

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