Logan Paul Announces How Much Money He Is Reportedly Owed By Floyd Mayweather

Logan Pual claims that Floyd Maywether still owes him just under $5 million of the $15 million he was expecting to earn for their exhibition bout last year.

The popular YouTube star shared the ring with the legendary boxer in Miami back in June 2021, where he survived the eight-round distance. The fight was a major success, with Mayweather reportedly earning $65 million.

While a guest on Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast, Paul stated he was owed “millions”.

“No, I don’t think so. Probably just under 5 [million], over 2 [million]. Yeah, like enough for me to [say] pay me my f—ing money,” Paul said.

“How can he do that? Is it not held in escrow or some s***? Mayweather has been boxing forever, he knows how to allocate money conveniently to make it look like it is an expense. He thinks he can do what he wants because I am new to the boxing game. See you in court! How many lawsuits can pile up for the same event?”

Paul made the same claim just months after the bout. However he backed off his claim after Mayweather asked to be patient, claiming he had not been paid in full for other fights in his 50-bout career.

However, Paul would go on to brand Mayweather as a “rat”. After this, the boxing legend was urged to pay the alleged sum of money in full by his own uncle.

Mayweather is now dismissing the claim as a “bull—-” accusation, and claims that Paul has reached out to request a rematch.

“This is the guy who said he didn’t get paid which we know is truly false, which is why I don’t entertain the bull a lot of the time,” Mayweather said at the press conference to announce his exhibition fight against Japanese mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura.

“We know he got paid and if he didn’t get paid he wouldn’t be trying to get another payday. It is so crazy that Logan Paul wants to do an exhibition again but it is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid. It is what it is.”

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