Logan Paul is Open to Fighting Jake Paul, KSI in Boxing

We are days away from Logan Paul‘s return to the boxing ring, as he is set to face Dillon Danis, on October 14 at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

In what will be Paul’s first fight since challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their highly popular exhibition match in 2021, Danis will make his debut in the ring, though he previously fought professionally for Bellator MMA.

Paul, who is often one for theatrics, often represented throughout his career competing for the WWE, was recently asked if he would consider fighting his brother Jake Paul and former rival-turned business partner KSI. “Mmm. It depe… Everyone always asks me this,” Paul shared during an interview.

“The possibilities are so low. Just because we don’t need to do that. My end goal in boxing — I don’t know if I have one. Part of me maybe wants to get a championship belt, part of me just wants to show that I am the best…. I don’t know.” Paul 

“Jake is my brother. He’s always going to be my No. 1 no matter what. The relationship is great … I love the kid and he loves me. We’re each other’s best friends, and right now, we’re great.” Paul

KSI, Logan Paul’s business partner and co-Founder of Prime energy drink, who will be fighting Tommy Fury as the headliner of the fight card featuring Paul vs Danis, is another possibility that Paul was asked about.

“That’s another one, like I just don’t know if I could see it happening [fighting with KSI]. I just feel like we’ve put that to bed,” said Paul. “We’ve come together now as friends. We like each other. So I don’t know. Anything is possible … but probably not that.”

The two social media influencers/boxers/business partners earned over 3.3 million global PPV buys across their two fights in 2018 and 2019. These are numbers that rival the most commercially successful boxers in history, like Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya.

“With what me, Jake, and KSI have pioneered and what it’s become is just absolutely insane,” said Paul. “We’ve truly changed the game. I also think it’s still so ripe. This card is going to be one of the most exciting cards that we’ve seen in a really long time. There are a lot of people who can really fight with a lot on the line on the same night. It’s going to be amazing.”

Paul reflected on the state of influencer boxing and is ready for the next chapter on October 14.

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