Logan Paul on Shannon Briggs’ Coaching

When a press conference was held in Los Angeles a little over a month ago to promote the KSI vs. Logan Paul rematch, one man received a lot of attention — and it wasn’t either fighter. Instead, it was former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, who is training Paul, and his battle cry of “Let’s go champ!”

With both KSI and Paul making their professional boxing debuts in this fight, thanks to the work of Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn, Briggs has been brought in to help Paul further develop himself before the big showdown of YouTubers.

“We brought him into camp so he can transfer his 35 years of boxing knowledge to me,” Paul said. “Every day he teaches me more and more on what it means to be a professional fighter and a cold-hearted killer. That’s what I’m becoming. This is no longer a joke.”

KSI and Paul’s original bout took place under amateur rules at a card held on August 25, 2018, at the Manchester Arena in England, with the bout going to a majority draw. Paul said his main problem that prevented him from getting the win was running out of the stamina as the fight progressed. But he says his training under Briggs has helped him in that area.

“I’m absolutely working on my conditioning. That’s of No. 1 importance for us,” Paul said. “Everyone knows KSI is not a better fighter than me. I got tired. 15,000 people were watching my first fight. The [expletive]? Who does that? That’s unheard. I got gassed. The adrenaline was sucked out of me by the third round.”

This time, there won’t be any head guards, and Paul says he’s going to make sure the judges aren’t needed. And at a time where part of the attention on boxing stems from deaths in the ring, Paul says he’s ready to go to war with his rival, aware of the risks that come with entering the sport.

“The outcome is going to be way different. I will not leave it to the judges. I will give it under two rounds,” Paul said. “Knockouts and unconsciousness [is what I’m going for]. It’s hard with headgear. I got a lot of good shots last time, but the head gear protected him. I have a chin. Don’t worry about that. It doesn’t matter. I’m slick. I’m fast. I can’t ruin my face. I’m too pretty to fight this guy.

This is one of the most dangerous things that creators could do. We are entering the realm of professional boxing. People die in this sport. This is a dangerous sport.

“I’m not going to war without my weapons, and getting those weapons takes dedication and passion. I don’t think the average creator could do that. Maybe my screws are loose, but I have my reasons. It may not be the best way to settle disputes, but I just happen to hate the kid.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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