Lomachenko Offers to Spar McGregor

Boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko took to social media earlier this month with a playful call-out of MMA star Conor McGregor, offering to spar him as a means to prepare for his potential boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Posting a photo of himself clad in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles outfit, Lomachenko sent McGregor the following message:

"NinjaTurtle Lomanchelo waiting for you in the ring. I can test you."

In a recent interview with Radio Rahim, Lomachenko confirmed that the call-out was meant in jest, but he is seriously willing to offer sparring to McGregor.

“I send this message for him, but I’m not talking about an official fight. I say (have a) boxing test. If we make a sparring session, I think it will be great for him, because I can show him boxing skills.

“I like McGregor. McGregor is very funny guy. He is very smart for this business.”

Of course, Lomachenko is significantly smaller than McGregor. The two-time Olympic gold medalist currently holds the WBO 130-lb. title, whereas McGregor has never (and could never) fought below 145 lbs. in his MMA career.

Still, a pound-for-pound elite fighter like Vasyl Lomachenko, particularly one that has mastered the art of defensive boxing, could certainly teach a thing or two to McGregor ahead of a fight against Floyd Mayweather.

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