Lopez And Claggett Face-Off In Final Presser

Teofimo Lopez and Steve Claggett faced off in their final presser ahead of their fight on Saturday. 

Lopez defends his WBO’s title in the 140-pound division, which he won after beating Josh Taylor. Lopez defended it successfully against Jamaine Ortiz. While he got the win, some felt Ortiz had outboxed him. This damaged Lopez’s claim to get the bigger fights in the division. Claggett’s record is 38-7-2. He has nine wins in a row. His last seven wins were inside the distance. Lopez is his biggest test. His toughest fight so far was Chris van Heerden, where he lost a majority decision. This is what both fighters had to say in the presser. 

“Well, first and foremost I want to thank God for this opportunity right here. This is a great opportunity not just for myself, but for everyone that’s on this card. This is a long overdue event. Miami has been great. I did my training camp here preparing for Josh Taylor, and we just thought that we needed to revisit this. Obviously, I’m in great spirits. So I look forward to it.

“We understand this is like entering the dragon right now in this moment. This is not a slouch. He’s waited 15 years for this opportunity right here and he has it. You know, this is the moment of his career and for me, overall, just sticking to my game plan and listening to my team. This is a good slugfest, it’s going to be a good fight.

“We know how to get the job done. We know how to get the win. We’re not a two-time lineal champion for no reason. We do this. We face the best fighters in boxing. So, Steve Claggett is going to come to bring it. However, there are levels to this. Nothing personal at that end. I look forward to what he brings to the table, and we’ll dissect him from there,” Lopez said

“This is something I’ve worked my whole life for. I feel like I have great momentum right now. It’s the time for me. I don’t really care what other people say. You can only control your perspective, so I just do what I know is right and I prepare like I know. Sacrificed what I did and put in the work. The name of the game is to work on your weaknesses. I’ve made consistent improvements and stayed dedicated. I added all the things I couldn’t do to my game. I’ve been getting better every fight. I feel like I’m progressing more than ever now. It’s a nice time for me,” Claggett

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