Lucas Browne Vs. Mahmoud Charr Cancelled Over Security Concerns

Iconic Promotions Dubai has yet to comment.

Dubai is usually a boxing venue enjoyed by many superstars worldwide. However, its reputation took a hit recently when a fight between heavyweights Lucas Browne and Mahmoud Charr got cancelled.

The two former WBA heavyweight champions stated that the organizer, Iconic Promotions Dubai, didn’t pay for any of their hotel rooms.

This development is linked to the rumors that the fight’s main sponsor pulled the plug at the last moment. Eventually, it left Andre Spencer to take over. Spencer hasn’t come forward since the cancellation of the fight.

Ultimately, safety concerns made the Middle East Professional Boxing Commission cancel the fight.

Both Browne and Charr shared their disappointment while talking to Boxing UK.

“I’m so sad about what’s happened,” Charr said. “What kind of promotion does this to us? We are all here, having flown from all over the world. We trained, we sparred, and we were ready to fight. But what’s happened now – Andre Spencer f****d up”.

Iconic Promotions Dubai hasn’t responded to Daily Mail’s request for comment. Moreover, many boxers are rumored to be unsuccessful in tracking down the company.

“He didn’t make the fight happen, he lied to all of us, the fighters, the promoters, the managers. And now, I come to this hotel, and some of the fighters here are on the street because the hotel was not paid. We signed the contracts, everyone was ready.

“The way the promoter handled the event have damaged the good will of the sport and multiple complaints have been received,’ the statement continued. ‘There is no proper venue secured nor government permits provided till date.”

Browne states that he’s disappointed, and this would have a sour taste during his holiday season.

“I was looking forward to fighting Manuel [now Mahmoud],’ he continued. ‘We’ve spoken very gentlemanly-like over the years. He’s an absolute gentleman of a bloke and a champion.”

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