Lucasz Rozanski Stops Alen Babic In The First Round – ‘A Bar Brawl’

Lucasz Rozanski knocked out Alen Babic in the first round to claim the vacant WBC bridger-weight title.

Both men threw heavy leather as they started off quickly. Rozanski managed to deliver a powerful right cross that stunned Babic as the latter was shaken.

Despite Babic’s body punches, Rozanski kept pushing forward. The latter continued to press ahead, with his left hooks that wobbled the Croatian’s chin, causing him to stumble.

Even with the knock down, Babic got up. However, it was to no avail. Babic was repeatedly hit on the ropes.

He was unable to block the flurry of punches, resulting in the referee stopping the fight. The performance from Babic was heavily criticized, given that he was unbeaten before the fight.


“There was no boxing technique or finesse, it was going to be a bar brawl and that’s exactly what we got. I am gutted for Babic but the right man won,” Spencer Oliver

“Babic was stuck betwixt and between – does he fight, does he box? I think Babic expected to walk through Rozanski and beat the fight out of him but once he got clipped, you could see he was befuddled, discombobulated. It was a shock to Babic,” Jonny Nelson

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