Luis Alberto Lopez Stops Michael Conlan In Five Rounds

Luis Alberto Lopez emerged victorious against Michael Conlan in a display of skill and determination.

Defying the odds in hostile territory, the 29-year-old Mexican, showcased his prowess once again on foreign soil.

Conlan, a 31-year-old Irishman and bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics, entered the ring as predicted, utilizing his southpaw stance to establish distance with his jab.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Lopez quickly demonstrated his power and finesse, delivering devastating left hooks and powerful right punches to the body.

While Conlan fought back with a barrage of left hands, Lopez responded with his own counterattacks, electrifying the crowd.

The intensity escalated in the subsequent round as both fighters traded thunderous body blows. Conlan, fueled by Lopez’s relentless pressure, pushed his opponent into the ropes, showcasing his resilience.

Employing agile head movement, Conlan skillfully evaded Lopez’s wild hooks in the third round, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats.

However, Lopez capitalized on a well-timed uppercut that caught Conlan off guard, staggering him and sending him crashing into the ropes, turning the tide unexpectedly.

Attempting to regain composure in the fourth round, Conlan’s efforts proved futile as Lopez’s dominance persisted.

The defining moment came in the fifth round when Conlan, in a desperate attempt to evade a stray hook, fell victim to a powerful right uppercut that sent him sprawling to the canvas.

Overwhelmed by the force of the blow, Conlan’s corner graciously conceded the fight, sealing Lopez’s well-deserved victory.


“I hope all the featherweight world champions are prepared for ‘Venado’ Lopez. I’m coming for them all. I want every belt they have. I’m bringing all of their belts to Mexico one by one.

“It was an excellent atmosphere to fight in. The energy was amazing. The boxing fans from Ireland have treated me very well, so I’m glad Mick and I could give them a great fight. I wish the best of luck to Conlan moving forward, and I hope he recovers and comes back very soon,” Lopez

“Lopez had my respect before the fight and still has my respect after the fight. He hits very hard. He just beat me. He travels well and is a great champion,” Conlan 

Rest Of The Card

Nick Ball (18-0, 11 KOs) showcased his prowess by defending his WBC Silver championship with a remarkable TKO victory over South African contender Ludumo Lamati (21-1-1, 11 KOs) in a thrilling 12-round battle.

Overcoming the challenge of Lamati’s six-inch height advantage in the early rounds, the determined 26-year-old unleashed a relentless onslaught of punishing combinations.

In a climactic ending, Lamati’s corner made the tough decision to stop the fight, solidifying Ball’s well-deserved triumph.

In a highly anticipated clash, Anthony Cacace (21-1, 7 KOs) emerged victorious in a 12-round unanimous decision against Polish challenger Damian Wrzesinski (26-3-2, 7 KOs).

Despite Wrzesinski’s tenacity, Cacace’s strategic advantage in reach and height allowed him to land devastating blows from his southpaw stance.

Continuing his impressive form since his only loss in 2017, Cacace now boasts a remarkable 6-0 record. The judges’ scores of 118-111, 117-111, and 116-112 reflected Cacace’s dominant performance in the ring.

Pierce O’Leary (12-0, 7 KOs) left the crowd in awe as he successfully defended his WBC International title with a sensational knockout victory over Florin Ciorceri (17-4, 7 KOs) in a lightning-fast first round.

O’Leary wasted no time, utilizing a devastating left hook that sent Ciorceri crashing to the canvas. Seizing the moment, O’Leary delivered a ferocious follow-up assault, leaving no doubt about the outcome.

The referee intervened, calling a halt to the contest at just 1 minute and 11 seconds, solidifying O’Leary’s status as a rising star in the junior welterweight division.

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