Luis Ortiz Scores TKO Over Charles Martin After Being Knocked Down Twice

Luis Ortiz rallied until the end.

Ortiz (33-2, 28 KOs) was floored twice by Charles Martin (28-3, 25 KOs), but came back and earned a knockout of his own in the sixth round of a heavyweight beating on the main event of a FOX pay-per-view.

Ortiz, 42, hit the canvas once in the first round and the second time in the late fourth round. The first was a flash knockdown while the second one came off of a jab.

In the sixth round, Martin ate big hits from Ortiz, but didn’t go down. Ortiz continued pouncing; the only thing that kept Martin from hitting the floor was his glove tangled between the ropes.

Martin was freed, but Ortiz went for the final blow. This was the knockdown that forced referee Frank Santore Jr to stop the fight.

Martin protested that the ending was “bulls–t.”

“I was never worried. I just kept working the jab,” Ortiz said. “Southpaw against southpaw is a difficult fight, but at the end intelligence won it.”

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