Maidana Returned To Retirement Over Money

Marcos Maidana announced a comeback to the ring, and then his return to retirement this year in a timeline that gave most in the boxing community whiplash.

Maidana, who walked away from the ring after back-to-back losses to Floyd Mayweather in 2014, signed a deal with PBC earlier this year preparing for a return.

Maidana was being advanced money by PBC to assist with expenses, but the amount was not sufficient for the Argentinian, which is why he will not return to the ring.

“Yes, it’s [my decision is due to] economics. Training expenses, and those things. It wasn’t [something agreed upon] in the contract, but it was verbal. They said they were going to take care of things.. training expenses, vitamins, etc., and I’m taking care of it out of my pocket,” Maidana told Popular.

“They deposited something … They gave me $10,000 once … After others … another 10, I think. It was $30,000 [in total] I think, and then they gave me another deposit, but I do not know how much. I did not notice. But $150,000 was what they had told me they were going to give me. And while I do not need money, what I am most worried about is a person [giving me their] word. I also have to pay my people, my coaches, physical trainer, everything. And I’m putting it out of my pocket.”

When asked about PBC’s concerns that Maidana would just take the money and retire anyway, the former world champion understood their unease.

“Yeah sure, its OK. They sure thought that. It is true. But for that reason, if there is no confidence, I prefer to leave everything as it is,” Maidana said.

“I like the sacrifice. I do not need money. It all started as a game with those statements I made about going after Mayweather. But then it was serious. And there were $15 million dollars in total and the possibility of fighting against Pacquiao, that was what I liked. What really tempted me was the sporting challenge against Pacquiao, that’s why I accepted.”

Report: Boxing Scene

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