Maine Police Share Details of Dana White’s House Break-In; UFC President Responds

Dana White’s house had reportedly been broken into by an intruder, causing the authorities to respond. 

Reports indicate that the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office apprehended 23-year-old Brady Cooper. This was after White reached out on social media by asking the public if they could help identify the person. The video shows the defendant kicking the door on three occasions and then hitting the surveillance camera with his hand before running. Thereafter, law enforcement released the following statement. 

“The deputies were able to meet with a property manager and secure video footage of the suspect along with other evidence. The property was occupied at the time of the incident, but they did not have contact with the suspect involved. When the video was shared through social media platforms, several tips were submitted to the Sheriff’s Office. After processing evidence and information developed, deputies interviewed, Brady Cooper (23) of Glenburn. Cooper has been charged with two criminal offenses and the case was submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for further review.”

The news could have been a whole lot worse if White’s family had been there. However, given the absence of that, he had a few choice words to say about the defendant. And in the process, White mocked the intruder’s conduct. 

“Do you f***ing think you’re going to break into my house and there’s no cameras at my house, you f****ing idiots? It’s crazy. I’m assuming the guy was breaking in to try to rob the house. My sister and her husband and some of his friends are up there visiting right now. The guy came up and tried to kick the door in a couple times and then noticed the camera was there, tried to rip it off and rang the doorbell, freaked out and ran away,” White

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