Major Breach in Judo Etiquette at Rio

In judo, the combatants bow or shake hands before and after the match as a sign of respect; it’s one of the biggest rules of the sport.

But there was an instance at the Olympics in Rio where that rule was not followed. Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby was competing against Israeli judoka Or Sasson, and El Shehaby refused to either bow or shake hands following the match. The result was boos raining down on the Egyptian as he walked away.

Sasson defeated El Shehaby with about a minute and a half left following two throws, an automatic win. El Shehaby was lying on the mat before he picked himself up and took his place on the mat in front of the official. Sasson extended his hand for a handshake, but El Shehaby shook his head and left, causing a lot of jeering from the crowd in Rio.

El Shehaby had come under pressure from nationalist and Islam-leaning voices in Egypt to withdraw from the bout.

Original story by the New York Post

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