Major Update On Autumn Sumo Tournament Participants

A huge blow has been dealt to a stable just ahead of the Autumn Sumo Tournament.

The Japan Sumo Association has announced that 18 wrestlers out of the Tamanoi stable have tested positive for COVID-19. That includes Fujiazuma. This means that Tamanoi will be sitting out this weekend’s Autumn Sumo Tournament. The action is set to begin on Sunday, September 13 inside the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.

The actual total of infected Tamanoi wrestlers is 19 as one of the stable members tested positive on September 5. There are 28 members in the Tamanoi stable. Those who haven’t tested positive will sit on the sidelines anyway to prevent further outbreak. The virus has sent 12 of the wrestlers to the hospital with minor illnesses. The others have shown no symptoms.

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