Makhachev Delivers First Round Head Kick KO Of Volkanovski In Lightweight Title Rematch

UFC 294 Main Event Results

Tonight at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi, the world was once again reminded that Islam Makhachev is without a doubt the best lightweight mixed martial artist on the planet.

The very pro Makhachev crowd inside Etihad Arena were pleased to witness the lightweight champion retain his title with style, landing a devastating rear leg roundhouse kick that connected flush to the temple of Alexander Volkanovski.

The MMA world has always known that Makhachev has high level wrestling coupled with dangerously effective submissions, but the way he finished Volkanovski tonight showed that he is a threat from every position inside the Octagon, and to whomever will step in there with him.

Throughout the main event 155-pound title rematch, which lasted just over three minutes, Makhachev had been throwing the left kick to the leg and body of Volkanovski, making the head kick that ended the fight almost impossible to see coming.

Once the kick landed, Australia’s Volkanovski was in immediate trouble, and was barely able to keep his legs under him. Makhachev pushed forward as Volkanovski toppled over, and finished the 145-pound titleholder off with strikes from a top half guard position.

With the dramatic way in which this match came to an end aside, Volkanovski was showing all the signs of a very game competitor, despite having taken the fight on just twelve days notice. He was able to nullify Makhachev’s level change by showcasing excellent defensive wrestling, and even controlled the majority of the clinching that followed. But, the fight IQ that Volkanovski came with was clearly no match for Makhachev’s percision on this night.

Through this victory, Makhachev defended his lightweight title for a second time, improved his record to 25-1, and became the first fighter to finish Volkanovski in the UFC.

For Volkanovski, this is one of the biggest setbacks he has had to face, but with a fight potentially already in the works for him to defend his featherweight title versus Ilia Topuria in January, he will have the opportunity to prove that given the proper preparations he is still that same dangerous champion.


Official Result: Islam Makhachev defeats Alexander Volkanovski via KO (Head Kick) – Round 1, 3:06

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