Malignaggi Critiques Style Of Bare Knuckle Boxing

When it comes to boxing, there are levels to it that can change how we view the sport. Certain areas of boxing are different than others. That is how Paulie Malignaggi feels about bare knuckle boxing.

“The one tricky thing about bare knuckle fighting is that in boxing, you’re used to punching through your opponent, not at them,” Malignaggi stated to Boxing Scene. “That’s the big one, and why MMA guys would have more of an advantage because the padding on their gloves are less. MMA guys are not used to punching through guys.

Malignaggi (36-8) retired from active boxing in 2017, but competed in a bare knuckle contest in 2019. Facing Artem Lobov for Bare Knuckle FC, the two were involved in a rivalry that centered around Conor McGregor. Lobov, an MMA fighter with bare knuckle experience, beat Malignaggi via unanimous decision, 48-47, 48-47, 48-47. Malignaggi is under the impression he won the bout, citing it as bias and a joke.

Recently, Lobov has been contacted for a potential rematch. This time, however, it would be under normal boxing rules. Malignaggi, who has gone through multiple surgeries to his hand, would be more than willing to compete on that level of a playing field.

Speaking of his hand injuries, Malignaggi still feels the results of the fight with Lobov. It is unsure how it would affect a potential rematch. What he does know, however, is that he is one and done (at the moment) when it comes to bare knuckle fights.

“Bare knuckle boxing is too bad for the hands. I took damage in my hands in that fight that I still feel today. I can’t fight in that kind of combat,” stated Malignaggi. “Stylistically, it’s not that difficult, but it’s hard on my hands. I would consider more bare knuckle fights but it’s a shame my hands are damaged. The damage my hands took in fighting Lobov for 10 minutes I still haven’t recovered. My hands are OK as far as everyday life, but I wouldn’t be able to punch right now.”

Would you like to see a boxing fight between the two?

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